Saturday, 7 December 2019

Best of 2019: Part II

On to the albums list! Following last year's theme, I have picked twenty-one albums and divided them into groups of seven each, starting today with #s 21-15...

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Best of 2019: Part I

2019 was a sneakily impressive one in that the year seems very long on talent that was well-distributed across the 12-month span. In my top five list are albums released in each of the four seasons and if I am honest, there were even some that I re-discovered upon compiling my list, sometimes surprised at what I had forgotten was actually from 2019 and not a previous year.

Before starting with the best albums list though, here is my playlist of my favourite songs of 2019; these are in no particular order, but come with annotations...

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Curt's Countdown #6

Some tunes are always worthy of cranking up to 11 and singing along with, no matter if it’s to a carload of people, to the neighbourhood or to just the steering wheel. When these songs hit, it’s karaoke time and the whole community is your audience.

Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of songs I enjoy singing along to - these were just the first 25 from the 90s that popped into my head.

Saturday, 16 November 2019


I think, since my inspiration has dried up, coupled with the fact that no one reads this (I am very likely writing this for myself alone), "Grew Up On Grunge" is going on an indefinite hiatus. Some final thoughts to leave you with:

  • I'll probably do a final year-end list in December
  • If Curt keeps pumping them out, I will keep posting his Countdowns
  • The podcast 'Broken Record', hosted by Malcolm Gladwell, is amazing - check it out
  • After much hesitation and many delays, no matter how many times I read about it in "most influential albums of all-time" lists, and regardless of the number of musicians who rave about it and reference it as being a musical high-water mark, I never listened to 'Pet Sounds' by the Beach Boys because, well, they're the Beach Boys. I listened to it, finally, this past week. Holy flaming hell it's good! Mind blown into tiny little minor notes and flat chords ... absolutely brilliant
  • DJ Shadow's new album, 'Our Pathetic Age' may not be popular with the millenials who measure their worth by their social media accounts BUT it is a 26-track monster, the second half of which has some of the best collaborations you'll hear this year featuring contributions from some of hip hop's finest MCs, including Nas, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, De la Soul, and Run the Jewels...

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Curt's Countdown #5

While my musical preference is certainly more in line with loud and fast, I do enjoy some slower tunes too. I’m not the most eclectic dude when it comes to music, but even I have some diversity.

I’d like to prove that with this article by showcasing my Top 10 favourite slower songs of the 90s by rock bands. I say slower because some of these songs are a little more upbeat. I’m not providing a denotative list of slower songs. I’m not saying that each of these tracks is like 40 beats per minute or something defined like that. This is a list of songs - I think we can all agree - that are on the slower side of things, even if they do have small parts which are slightly more intense. 

Now that we have some ambiguous guidelines, let’s check out some of my favourite slower songs from the 90s given to us by rock bands...