Late Review

#1: The Best Album of the 1990s... (published March 2017)

#2: The Best Pearl Jam Album of the 1990s... (published April 2017)

#3: The Best Single Year of the 1990s... (published June 2017)

#4: The Best 'EDM' Albums of the 1990s... (published July 2017)

#5: The Mad Genius of the Smashing Pumpkins... (published Oct. 2017)

#6: Brotherly Love and Other Nonsense About Oasis... (published Nov. 2017)

#7: Guest Late Review: Why 'Pinkerton' is the Best Weezer Album and One of the Best Albums of the 1990s (published Jan. 2018)

#8: The Evolution of 90s 'Hard Rock'... (published March 2018)

#9: Joy Division ... (published Feb 2019)

1994 Special Edition: January ('Jar of Flies') & Feb ('Dookie') ... by Joel

1994 Special Edition: March ('The Downward Spiral') ... by Br.

1994 Special Edition: April ('Parklife') ... by Joel

1994 Special Edition: May ('The Blue Album') ... by Br.

#10: Albums We Missed or Overlooked from the 90s...

#11: Brit-Pop v. Grunge ...

#12: Elliott Smith and his Tortured Genius ...

#13: 'The Crow' Soundtrack ...


  1. I can't wait for best single of the 1990's! Can I spoil it for you guys and just tell everyone that it's MMMBop by Hanson? haha

  2. Do you have other suggestions for 1990s-themed "late review" posts? Send them our way!

    1. Best Soundtrack (although you may have already disclosed this with entry #6).

      OLP had 3 great albums in the 90's.
      Green Day: Dookie vs Insomniac
      One Hit Wonders: Teenage Dirtbag vs Loser
      Late 90s Rap-Rock: Liken Park vs Limp Bizkit
      Best Year Ever: 1994. Superunknown, Throwing Copper, Naveed, Jar of Flies, Silver, Purple, Dookie and Smash were all released in 1994.
      And the closest debate ever...Ice Ice Baby vs U Can't Touch This

      90's RULE!!!

    2. That's Linkin Park. Not Liken Park. My bad.